It may be 2014 but the '90s rivalry of Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC has been briefly resurrected through a war of words started by *NSYNC alum Joey Fatone. Yesterday, Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter took to Twitter to respond to Fatone's comments. 

During an interview with Huffington Post, Fatone shot down any hopes of *NSYNC reuniting again after their brief appearance together at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards celebrating band leader Justin Timberlake. “I don't know whether or not something will ever happen again, but again you always say never say never because that happened. That was never gonna happen and all of a sudden it did happen. At this moment in time is anything gonna happen? Absolutely, 100 percent no… at this moment.”

He then commented on New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys doing their own reunion tours. “All these other groups and bands said that we will never tour again and you see New Kids on the Block tour and stuff like that, Fatone said. When the interviewer asked about the Backstreet Boys touring this summer, Fatone quipped, "I feel like they just need the money. No offense guys!"

That didn't sit well with recently married BSB member Nick Carter, who told fans on Twitter that he was "disappointed" with Fatone and suggested that their reunion is for the fans and not money.

We're happy to see that Nick took the high road and didn't further flame the old boy band rivalry!

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