What a match up bringing 50 Cent and 'Nashville' star Hayden Panettiere together to announce Nicki Minaj as the winner of the Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Artist category at the 2012 American Music Awards.

It's pretty awesome to see the size difference between the two, but what's head scratching is the fact that Panettiere stars as an uber famous country singer on her show, and would've been a shoe in to announce the winner of a country artist category or country performer -- but hey, we don't set up the show, despite our best efforts.

Anyway, Minaj, in all her high-heeled glory, came to the stage with the help of a man, who held her hand to make sure the rapper didn't fall.

"I couldn't really say much earlier, but where are my Barbz, right there?" she said, pointing down to the crowd. "Barbz, I know you're somewhere out there watching this on TV, I love you so much. You're so passionate and so inspiring, thank you so much for voting your tiny little fingers off."

"I want to thank anyone who's ever been involved with my career. Shout out to loyality and camaraderie. Thank you [Lil] Wayne for giving me this shot. And thank you to the AMAs, you always got the best show," continued Minaj as the houseband played her off.

She also thanked her hairstylist, who should probably win his own award for creating that blonde afro masterpiece that sat on top of her head.

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