The Vampire Diaries stans are alive and well!

A viral tweet, simply captioned "oh wow" with a crying emoji, recently prompted Twitter users to react to an old clip of Nina Dobrev answering a question about Stefan vs. Damon.

In the clip, Dobrev, who played main character Elena Gilbert on the hit CW show, reads a fan's question out loud: "Who would you swipe right on? Stefan or Damon?"

Her answer? "I would delete the app."


The tweet has garnered over 1,400 quote tweets and counting, plus 65,000 likes.

See below:

Fans reacted to the clip, first posted by theSkimm in a longer interview in 2021, with varying responses.

One person tweeted the video with the caption, "She is tired," featuring crying and laughing emojis.

Another fan agreed: "I'm sure she's tired of this same question."

"I don’t even watch [The Vampire Diaries] but this is so funny," another person wrote.

"She gets it," another fan weighed in.

But some fans didn't find the clip so funny.

"This is not what I wanted to hear," one fan declared, while another expressed their interest in different character entirely: "Damn but same. Gimme Enzo."

While the clip certainly captures a cheeky moment, one thing is for sure: Dobrev doesn't shy away from her TVD days.

In an old interview, the actress proclaimed that Elena would "marry Stefan" when faced with the classic "kiss, marry, kill" question.

And, as a "pro Stelena" fan pointed out back in 2016, Dobrev has frequently talked about Paul Wesley's character Stefan with fondness — so maybe there's a case there for Elena swiping right for Stefan, after all.

As another fan wrote, though, "I will never get over the fact that Nina Dobrev was so talented that she somehow had very different distant on screen chemistry for Elena/Damon,Elena/Stefan, Katherine/Stefan [and] Katherine/Damon in scenes."

"None of them read the same [and] I don't think she gets enough credit for that," they continued.

It's safe to say Elena's choice could go either way.

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