Gwen Stefani and her boys in No Doubt bring it back to the old days -- some would call it "kicking it old school" -- in their video for 'Push and Shove,' the title track from their new album, which drops today (Sept. 25).

It's a black and white clip where the camera is in their faces the entire time, capturing all their moves as they rock the hell out in the streets.

They sing. They dance. Bassist Tony Kanal hangs from a street sign. They toss back a few drinks. It's like it's the early '90s all over again and there has never been a No Doubt hiatus.

There are lots and lots of closeups of gorgeous Gwen, so you'll get no complaints here, since she always looks fine! Sure, she cycles through a variety of outfits, and we're loving her black and white colorblocked coat and those stacks of thick, bold patterned bracelets on her wrists.

The band basically does all the fun, cool, silly stuff you do in a band before it becomes a job with loads of added pressures and responsibilities.

And did we mention that we absolutely love Stefani's checkerboard mani, too?

Even when she's all sorts of glammed out, she's still one of the boys.

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