When news first broke in the summer of 2023 that a cat cafe would be coming to the Twin Ports area, a lot of feline fans got excited. The new business, called Wired Whisker, will be opening in the Endion neighborhood of Duluth, right on East Superior Street.

I spoke with the owner of Wired Whisker last fall, to get the scoop on what to expect from this first-of-its-kind business in outstate Minnesota. The owner shared that the cafe would be remodeling the old daycare at 1823 E Superior Street into a space that would offer coffees, teas, non-caffeinated beverages, baked goods, and even beer and wine.

Work got underway converting the space into a cat cafe in the fall of 2023, with plans to open in 2024.

The business recently shared a couple of updates on the reconstruction process, keeping excited future patrons in the loop on the progress toward opening.

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The first of their updates leading up to the end of the year showed off some outside construction for a patio space the cafe will offer. Not only will the cafe have a cozy little outdoor space, but they are branding it as dog-friendly, too! While it is a cat cafe on the inside, dogs will be welcome to join their owners on the patio too!

I stopped by to check out the progress after the post above, and you can see they had the fresh cement covered by tarps. The warm winter so far has definitely made it easier for crews to continue work on the outside parts of the construction project.

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

The next update shares a concept for what the storefront will look like for Wired Whisker. Just down the sidewalk from Amazing Alonzo Bookstore, this fun little coffee shop looks like it will be a neat, welcoming space to gather with friends, grab a beverage, and get some feline time.

The final update expands on the look, with the owner sharing the color palate for the business. The owner highlights that the color scheme they are going with is "earthy, warm, and cozy", fitting perfectly with the experience Wired Whisker is looking to offer.

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As construction continues, plans are to open sometime this spring, assuming all goes as planned.

Once they open, they will have a designated cat area that will have several adoptable cats through a partnership with organizations like Animal Allies. Customers will be able to book time in the cat area to enjoy some feline time, while a separate space with seating and food and beverages will welcome everyone - even if you're not looking to spend time with the cats.

You can read more about what to expect when Whired Whisker opens here.

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