I am happy to report that in these times of constant bad news I was witness to a group of strangers all coming together to assist an elderly woman on a busy Duluth street who was in need of help.

Yesterday afternoon as I was driving home I was coming down 6th Avenue in Duluth and was stopped at the lights on the corner of 6th Avenue and 4th Street when I observed an elderly lady crossing the street with her cane and large bag. She was walking at a rather quick pace to cross the street and something told me to keep an eye on her since she was not very steady in her haste to get across the road.

As she proceeded to walk down 6th Avenue she was shuffling and lost her balance falling face first down onto the street and hit her head on the curb. Due to the fact she was holding her cane in one hand and large bag in the other she was not able to break her fall and went down hard.

I was in the right hand lane and proceeded forward and quickly pulled my car over in front of her to protect her from other vehicles. A few people had honked at me not realizing what was going on, but the car right behind me pulled over too and another vehicle stopped behind her. We were all quick to run over to the woman who was conscious, but her left arm was bleeding and a huge bruise was already present.

One of the people who stopped was a plain clothes police officer, and with in seconds two more women had run to the scene who were both nurses and came to help. Seven people total were all trying to help this poor woman as we waited for an ambulance to arrive, which was on the scene in minutes, and made sure she was as comfortable as possible.

I am hoping that she will be o.k. her wounds seemed superficial, but I am sure was a very scary experience.  It is times like this where I am so proud to live in an area where strangers band together, no questions asked to help one another. I don't know who any of you are, but just wanted to say Thank You for showing that a little gesture of kindness and compassion can make a huge difference.