The Cloquet Police Department posted a disturbing warning Monday on their Facebook page regarding numerous school bus stop arm violations being reported in the area.

The following message was posted:

Cloquet Transit advised us this morning that there are numerous stop arm violations happening on Washington Ave near 15th St in the afternoons. Vehicles are using the turn lane and continuing past the bus while stopped with a student on the roadway or sidewalk with the stop arm activated.It is a misdemeanor to fail to obey stop arm if there are no children on the ground, and a gross misdemeanor to fail to obey a stop arm if there are children on the ground.

Please help keep our community safe. Officers will be focusing extra enforcement on this area to make sure our students are safe.

It seems like warnings are issued every single year about driving safely around school buses and every single year there are people who ignore the law and decide to put kid's lives in danger.
If you see anyone violate the stop arm laws in the Northland, do not hesitate to call "911" and report them immediately.



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