Even though I am not someone who over the top decorates our house for Halloween, I love seeing cool displays that other much more creative people come up with, but even I feel this is way over the top.

A family in Parma Ohio is getting quite a bit of flack from their neighbors regarding the gruesome nature of decorations in their yard. Also they live just a few blocks from an elementary school and many kids say they afraid to walk home past this particular house.

I am all about freedom of expression and this is their house to do what they want, but I have to draw the line with the childlike figure that is impaled on a stick, that to me takes it way to far. The owners of the home said they are just goofing around and they don't want to frighten the children, and the city says they can't force them to take it down.

With national attention that this couple is getting, we will see if it lasts until Halloween. Check out the video below and take the survey.

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