As most people are well aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, Duluth's Enger Tower joined in a long list of businesses and organizations that use pink to show support and interest in the cause. A Redditor captured a photo of the tower donned in pink, and shared it in the Minnesota SubReddit, drawing some very critical comments.

Beside a handful of childish breast jokes, a few unsupportive messages were given by commenters on the post, including this very critical comment about Breast Cancer Awareness in general:

A different individual pointed to other common forms of cancer and deadly disease, suggesting the only reason such a big deal is made of the cause is because breast cancer is "sexier" than things like heart disease or prostate cancer.

Another commenter offered more constructive criticism, suggesting that the campaign has done a great job of making people very aware of the cause, but has done very little to further the movement beyond creating a surface-level awareness.

Streeter Lecka, Getty Images

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is by far the most commercialized of any organized causes of this nature. Along with a lot of product and merchandise-based fundraising, very visual displays for the cause are made by companies and organizations like the NFL incorporating pink in uniforms for the month. Some argue there is nothing wrong with companies picking a cause and supporting it, while others suggest it is unfair, inappropriate, or greedy.

People are certainly entitled to have varied opinions on subjects, and obviously the world of Reddit (like most other comment-based internet forums) is full of people that say ridiculous things; but do you think any of these comments are warranted? Do you agree or disagree with anything being said? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.