So the reign of Pink continues on and on this week! Yesterday, we shared a bit of info regarding her 2013 tour dates she released, and now, there's album artwork and a teaser of her next single!  Pink. Overload.

Now that her single 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' has gone platinum, the singer is putting her first single on the back burner and is all set to promote the release of her second single 'Try.' It may be new to some of you, but if you sit in front of a television like we do most of the day, then you'll recognize the the footage is from a Target commercial!

The clip features Pink dressed in a long black sequined dress, her hair perfectly coiffed into a bit of a faux-hawk with a light pink tint to it. She starts on the ground and slowly ascends to the top of, well, we're not even quite sure where she is, but we're going to assume the full video will tie in with the lyrics to 'Try' nicely.

And how 'bout that chorus? It's already stuck in our heads!

Watch the Pink 'Try' Teaser Clip