I do not envy plow truck drivers at all they have a very difficult job where they are sometimes out driving in horrible conditions. They are out driving during blizzards with massive wind gusts and very little visibility trying to clear up the snow so we average citizens can get around.

Last weekend the Twin Cities go hit pretty hard with a snow storm and a snow Emergency was declared. Now I am not sure how it works in St. Paul but I know for a fact in Minneapolis that they do not mess around. You have a very short timeline to move your vehicles before you get a ticket and the tow truck is right behind them.

This particular incident happened in St. Paul and a neighbor was able to get video footage of a city plow truck taking out some garbage cans. Now to me, the bins look like they are actually at the edge of the person's driveway so the fact that they got knocked over seems intentional to me. The person that recorded the video said:

Update: "This is just what happened to my neighbors' containers. I created and uploaded the video before I found out that this had happened to anyone else, and this was fairly tame. Some people in the neighborhood had trash strewn all over, some found their cans down the street, and I've seen pics of some that were ripped in half. Also, it's hard to tell, but this neighbor had these containers on the curb, not in the street. One could argue that they were too close to the street, but that doesn't give the plow drivers the right to purposely hit them. In fact, the City's going to have quite a bill replacing all the damaged barrels from all the pics and videos I've seen.. BTW, if necessary to say, I believe most plow drivers are great-- competent, and hard-working. All the more necessary to weed out the few bad ones who make the rest look bad."

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According to Bring Me The News the City's Public Works Department Stated:

"We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our residents. We take the residents’ complaints and concerns about this issue very seriously. We are working with our staff to initiate a formal investigation, review all data and take the appropriate actions." 

Oh someone is in trouble. Thank god for doorbell cameras, but also if your garbage can is cut in half and it is obvious they plowed your street it is not going to be too hard to figure out who did it.

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