Talk about wasteful and just plain wrong. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is investigating an illegal killing of a large buck in Northern Minnesota. The buck was found with it's antlers removed and the rest of it's body lying there unharvested. The Brainerd Dispatch featured the Conservation Officer Reports on November 16 with details of the incident.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Eric Sullivan says the remains were found on the side of the road near Brainerd. Authorities believe the animal was shot illegally within city limits and possibly in the overnight hours of November 11. Bring Me The News reports that it could have been taken with a crossbow.

They are asking anyone with information to come forward by using TIPS which stands for Turn In Poachers. There is a reward being offered for information leading to the case being solved.

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Conservation officer Eric Sullivan says the buck was found on the Northside of Clearwater Road In Baxter just west of highway 371. Here's a screenshot of that general area, and as you can see it is still very much within the city limits.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This case is wrong on so many levels. Shooting a buck just for the antlers is absurd. Responsible hunters (which I would say are 99%) would never take an animal without the intention of using as much of it as they could. It's just plain wasteful.

Someone knows whoever did this. They may be bragging about it, or dumb enough to post something on social media.

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