Do you believe in Aliens or some other life forms? I know every once in awhile we all hear stories or see something on Social Media about crazy stuff happening in this area, but I am not kidding this flipped me out?  Vivian Gomez saw this on her surveillance video from her security camera  and decided to post it online to her friends. They were all so awestruck they encourage her to share it and now it has over 7 million views.

I have probably watched this video 20 times and logically I am pretty convinced this is a really skinny kid with something on top of his head, but from the angle of the cameras and the way he is walking it is pretty weird. Plus with the spooky lighting from her driveway it makes a legit argument that E.T. or "Dobby" from Harry Potter has come back?

Some of the initial comments from Gomez' friends asked if it was fake to which she laughed it off saying she is not technically savvy enough to doctor the video. Whatever this is seems to have been by her front door before it wandered off, so she has said in the comments that she has kept the lights on inside the house and she showed the video to her parents and they were spooked too. Wherever you live Vivian be on the lookout for a skinny little kid in flip flops who wears things on top of his head.

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