Die hard Prince fans have heard about the elusive Black Album that was released on a very limited basis  and the original Promotional copy has garnered a record price.

In 1987 Prince scrapped releasing his "Black Album" because he said it was too hateful. I do remember hearing a few cuts off the album from someone I knew who had a cassette recorded from the album and it was very odd and dark. I was not a fan of the few tracks I did hear.

Prince has always been very eclectic and some of his B-side songs that never made it in the clubs or the radio were some of my favorites of his, but again this was too strange even for a die hard Prince fan like myself.

According to the web site Discog a promotional copy of The Black Album which was intended for a disc jockey was recently sold for a record $15,000 soon after his death in April of last year.

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