If you've ever had dreams of having a private island residence in Northern Minnesota, there just so happens to be two for sale right now. Both are located near Crosslake, in the heart of the beautiful Brainerd Lakes Area.

The first of these properties includes a shoreline lot on Ox Lake, as well the only island on Ox Lake, known as Berg Island. Beside the shoreline property and the island (which is pretty cool in itself), there is also deeded access as part of the property purchase to Island Lake, which is part of the Whitefish Chain.

Ox Lake is a 240-acre private lake, with no public access and no navigable waterway to the Whitefish Chain. That said, watercraft and fishing traffic is limited to just those that have property on the lake. So, you can enjoy a quieter lake experience, or get this: the property, as listed by Zillow, offers deeded access to Island Lake (right across Route 66 from Ox Lake), which is on the Whitefish Chain as mentioned above. That offers hours of boating, fishing and other lake adventures all from your own deeded access.

If you've ever been on the Whitefish Chain, you've likely seen the palatial estates, or multi-million dollar "cabins" that line much or the chain's shoreline. With that kind of property value very nearby, how much could an entire island (with a shoreline lot and deeded access to a second lake) all cost? Timber Ghost Realty, the listing agent, has it listed right now at $450,000. What all do you get?

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Well, it is 5.5 acres of property (island and shoreline lot) with the deeded access to Island Lake across the highway. The property is described as having "medium" to "heavy" tree coverage and photos of the property show only one very old, small building that doesn't look move-in ready by any stretch. So, while you'll be starting from scratch on the land development and home/cabin building front, I guess the good news there is you get to build your dream home/cabin and don't have to worry about dealing with whatever is already there.

Just to compare, there is a 1-acre shoreline lot on the same Ox Lake that is listed for $249,000 (and it doesn't have an island). When you look at it that way, the $450,000 asking price for the island property makes it a "steal", right? (Dreaming and wishing to win the lottery.)

Taking it a step further, just to give you an idea of lake property across the road on the Whitefish Chain, there's a $1.89 million home on Rush Lake. If you're all about island life and want to be right on the Whitefish Chain, there happens to be another island property right on the Whitefish Chain that is much more developed than the Ox Lake property above, but doesn't have a listing price over a million dollars either.

Here are some pictures of the Ox Lake property. Keep scrolling to see the other island property I just mentioned.

Ox Lake Island Property

This other island property, listed by Lakes and Leisure Realty, is 5 acres on Big Island on Rush Lake. As the name would suggest, this is the biggest of a handful of islands on Rush Lake, which is connected to Lower Whitefish Lake and Cross Lake by navigable waterway. Beside watercraft-based access to all of the cruising and fishing on the Whitefish Chain, there are also several restaurants with dock access to enjoy on a day on the water.

This property is only accessible by boat, so you'll want to make sure you own one of those before investing in this property. Zillow explains that this approximately 5-acre property features 1,100 feet of sandy shoreline with two small cabins and dock access for your boat. The listing says the buildings were built in 1932. While they are almost 90 years old, they do look very well cared for and would make for a nice, rustic getaway if you didn't want to build something of your own. The listing notes that the cabins have electric/sewer/well water.

The Zillow listing explains that there is adjoining property available, and the listing agent separately noted on his own website that there is a total of 16 acres available on the island, with the remaining land on the 30+ acre island being owned by the Minnesota DNR, meaning you'd essentially have a private island (at least no neighbors) if you snapped up the whole 16 acres, though you would only own about half of the island.

The listing for the 5 acres (not including the adjoining land/lakeshore) has a current listing price of $990,000. Yes, significantly more than the Ox Lake offering above, but that's to be expected on the Whitefish Chain - plus, there's already a place to lay your head at night that doesn't require setting up a tent. (Again, wishing to win the lottery.)

Here are some photos of the Rush Lake property. Don't mind me while I dream of enjoying a sunset from that dock.

Rush Lake Island Property

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