A Minnesota woman is asking for help from the public to locate a missing man who was last seen Thursday morning when he left home geared up for a ride on his Harley Davidson.

Molly Flaherty reached out through her Facebook page hoping to spread the word and see if anyone has seen Ryan Whitworth, who she believes may have been traveling in the McGregor, Longville, or Remer area.

Her plea for help, which was posted Friday, August 7, reads:

My Ryan Whitworth went out on his Harley Thursday morning and never came home. A missing person alert has been issued, and we are doing all we can to search for him. An exact area of his last whereabouts is not specific, but we believe around McGregor, Longville, or Remer. He was wearing a full face helmet, black chaps, black leather jacket. I am at a loss, please pass along as you see fit, and call the police with any information you may have. Ryan is an amazing dad, the very best husband, a wonderful human. Please help us bring him home.


Molly Flaherty Facebook
Molly Flaherty Facebook

Look at the pictures above and below. Perhaps you spotted Ryan fueling up, grabbing a bite to eat, or having some sort of issue out on the road. If so, please call 911 and notify the authorities right away as a there has been a missing person alert for Ryan and they'll be aware of the case.

Molly Flaherty Facebook
Molly Flaherty Facebook
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If not, the family would like this shared everywhere as someone living in those areas, or simply traveling through those areas, may have seen Ryan or have helpful information.

Hopefully Ryan is located and is back with his family very soon.

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