Without new entertainment filming or sports being played, we are relying heavily on older shows and 'greatest hits' programming. The led me to an odd Duluth tribute on 'Saturday Night Live.'

I had completely forgotten about the "Fly High Duluth" skit, which originally aired in 2006.  The plot, according to SNL, is this:

A local band, led by Jack Daniels-guzzling Wally Hamrlik (Will Forte) and his wife Char (Scarlett Johansson), overstay their welcome while performing "Fly High Duluth," the theme song for morning show "Duluth Live."


The seemingly never-ending  "Duluth Live" theme song is basically the joke, but the intro of the fictional show does include images of Duluth.  Of all the cities in America, I wonder what made them pick Duluth to as the center of all of this?

It's not an all-time classic skit for Saturday Night Live, but it does provide a few laughs thanks primarily to Will Forte's performance as the skit goes on.

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