If you are up for a rugged adventure, no need to leave the state, with the beautiful Boundary Waters Canoe area ready and waiting.

I know many people who have gone, and one of my best friends hails from Ely. The pristine wilderness, and beautiful lakes call people from all over the world. With 2,000 campsites you still need to get on it to make your reservations to make sure you get the entry points and campsite that you desire.

I myself have never gone, I am not much of a camper and that is some serious camping. One of the times when I first went to Ely, my friend Jeff and I were having lunch and I saw some people coming out of the woods, one after the other as I turned to him and said "where are all these people coming from?" He laughed and said they have been camping. Yes I am and probably always be quite the City Slicker.

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