It's been an eventful past few days. Beyoncé made history at Coachella, Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer, Nicki Minaj dropped new music, J. Cole announced a surprise album, Drake has new music coming and Kanye West returned to Twitter, and has apparently become a philosopher in his time away. It's only fitting that Rihanna get in on the action, and she did so the other day with a mysterious post that signals something is about to go down.

Ri-Ri went on Instagram and shared a cryptic post. "Didn’t they tell u?" she wrote alongside a picture of two televisions stacked atop one another. One screen is full of static, while the other image is unclear (but it looks a lot like a booty or boobs).

Naturally, the post sent Ri-Ri's Navy into full-on Sherlock Holmes mode, with them piecing the clues together to deduce that there must be new tunes on the horizon. Rihanna's last release was her critically-acclaimed, record-breaking album, Anti, which dropped in 2016.

But let's be clear, Rihanna has her hands in a lot of business endeavors— Fenty Beauty, anyone? It was also reported last month that she's going to release a lingerie line, so the post could be alluding to that business move.

Peep it below and get your speculation on.


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