Rihanna has canceled a few shows on her Diamonds tour, including Monday night's (April 15) show in Houston, which is Beyonce's hometown. Rumors persist that Rihanna is pregnant and that's why she's been ditching gigs.

Even though the singer doesn't show any outward signs of having a bun in the oven, like, you know, an expanding belly, coupled with the fact that she visibly smokes a lot of weed, which is a bad idea for someone who is expecting, the chatterboxes continue to suggest that pregnancy issues are what's ailing her.

TMZ filmed RiRi exiting a medical facility in Beverly Hills yesterday while sucking on a lollipop. She didn't say much, even as the paparazzi wished her well as she was whisked into a black SUV, surrounded by beefy security detail.

A source exclusively told Gossip Cop, which prides itself on busting bad dish, that the 'Stay' singer is not making like Kim Kardashian and expecting a child. So Chris Brown is likely breathing a sigh of relief, since the on-off couple isn't expecting a visit from the stork.

Could you imagine? God love 'em, but those two are sooooooooo not ready to be 'rents. They can't even maintain a stable relationship at this point, much less raise a child.

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