Rihanna is no stranger to legal drama, since celebrities (and their fortunes) are often the target of lawsuits by those who were once members of their inner circles. This time she is being strongarmed, legally speaking, by her former bodyguard.

He is suing the oft-topless singer for defamation.

Fresh off settling a suit with her former accountant, in which she claimed that his shady practices nearly bankrupted her, RiRi is now facing a lawsuit launched by Geoffrey Keating, her former head of security while on tour from October 2012 through July 2013.

TMZ reports Keating filed his suit in Ireland (April 28) and was granted the motion to also serve RiRi with a U.S. suit.

So what did RiRi allegedly do wrong? According to Keating, she made what he dubs "nauseatingly offensive" and false statements about him in an email, which was sent to both Keating and his partner last July. He also accuses her of making offensive statements about him during a phone call to his sister.

These remarks were so bad that he believes that they tarnished his reputation and thus damaged his business.

What the heck could RiRi have said? That will likely come out sooner or later, unless they settle and seal the terms and have some sort of gag order. We shall see.

Keating's lawyer told TMZ that "We're taking this battle very seriously. We are satisfied that the Irish Courts will see justice at the end of the day."

Again, Rihanna has seen her fair share of lawsuits, from ones she launched, like the one against Topshop for using her likeness without permission, or the ones tossed her way, accusing her of plagiarizing their work.

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