Here is a scary story with a sad ending: a man wielding an ax caused havoc in Rochester over the weekend. Rochester, Minnesota is just about four hours from the Twin Ports.

It has been a very intense summer for crime in Minnesota. In late July, a shooting happened in the Twin Cities, near Target Field. The crime left one dead and two injured after a fight broke out in a local business and then moved into the street.

It was also recently revealed that DWI arrests in the Northland are higher than they have been in years. When it comes to Minnesota as a state, things are less bleak but still not good, with numbers showing a steady increase in DWI arrests over the years but not a drastic one.

Distracted driving has also led to some scary headlines as well. In early July, a Minnesota teenager was busted driving while watching Stranger Things. The show was blaring over the bluetooth in her car when she collided with a semi and caused major damage to her vehicle.

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This story is also making headlines and you should be warned that it does contain violence. A man wielding an ax was shot and killed in Rochester over the weekend after charging towards a member of the Rochester Police Department with an ax after a traffic stop.

The Rochester Police Department shared more details of what happened on their Facebook page Saturday (July 30th). According to their post, the incident happened just after midnight on Friday.

The Rochester Police Department said they conducted a traffic stop in the area at about 12:44 a.m., sharing that the suspect they pulled over "got out of the vehicle with an ax and charged" toward the officer. The officer shot the suspect as he was charging.

The Rochester Police Department went on to say that attempts to save the suspect were unsuccessful and that the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension would be handling the case from here, conducting an independent investigation.

Prior to the traffic stop, the suspect had entered a local business in an attempt to rob it, which the police department also shares a few brief details on. According to ABC 6, the man robbed a Domino's in the area with an ax. He drove away and shortly after was stopped by police. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

The suspect is described, according to ABC 6, as a thin man at average height. He was carrying a silver hatchet that had a blue rubber handle. We will keep you updated when the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension finishes their investigation or if more information is released.

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