This place will go down in history (class) as one of the coolest spot to stay the night! You can definitely have a bucket list experience in this schoolhouse turned rental in the heart of a small town in Minnesota.

This Airbnb used to be a schoolhouse and has since been converted into six different rental rooms, all for just $65 a night. Each room fits about four guest comfortably with anywhere from two to three beds.

Another thing that separates this rental option from others is that it offers community spaces for those staying the night. This includes a lounge with a seating area and television and a  community cooking spot if you opt to cook your own meals.

Each renter also gets access to the gym, locker rooms, a few shared bathroom options, a playground and the library. Each room also comes with some educational fun like books, games and desks.

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By the way, this rental property is located in Middle River, Minnesota. There aren't many hotel options in the area so this gives people passing through and looking for a fun experience a chance to have a place to stay without breaking the bank.

It pretty much has a five-star review, with people raving about the fun experience of sleeping in a schoolhouse! There's also a washer and dryer guests can use with free parking and pets allowed inside, which isn't always the case with rentals.

Overall, this place is awesome! When else can you say you've stayed the night in a schoolhouse? Even if you don't have plans to stay in this spot because you won't be passing through Middle River, it's still pretty fun to look at.

Stay In This Schoolhouse Turned Airbnb In Small Town Minnesota

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