One of the most iconic horror/science fiction movies is getting an anniversary screening and there will be a showing in Duluth.

I was born into loving horror movies due to my dad being a huge horror movie fanatic. Even with the movie turning 40, I believe it still holds up to this day. I'm also pretty sure the popular mobile game 'Among Us' got its inspiration from this film.

If you never seen the 1982 classic starring the legendary Kurt Russell, here's the plot:

During an exploration in Antarctica, a group of researchers come across a Norwegian facility near their research station. They soon come to realize Something horrible happened there. After discovering that the Norwegians had stumbled across something horrific; they leave, but something comes back with them.

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Yes, the movie is older and yes, the special effects don't look the best due its time period. However, I'm telling you this film is fantastic. It keeps you on the edge of your seat constantly guessing if the characters are real or something else. I might have to correlate this film with trust issues, but that's a story for a different time.

The horror master himself tweeted out the news:

The movie will be playing at Lakes 10 in Hermantown, both on Sunday, June 19th & on Wednesday, June 22nd. You can reserve your tickets here. I think this is great, because it gives people a chance to see it on the big screen that might not have gotten that chance in the past. I wasn't even a thought when this brilliant film came out, so I'm pumped. Check out a trailer for the 40 year-old film below:

If you're looking for more sci-fi goodness, the popular videogame 'No Man's Sky' will have Wisconsin as a planet in its newest update.

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