When the 'Walking Dead' returned this season it started off with a scene that may go down as the most graphic and disturbing scene in the show's history and a t-shirt inspired by that scene is being called racist, what do you think?

The shirt in question has the phrase “Eeny meeny miny moe,” with a photo of Neagan's barb wire covered baseball bat.

According to the BBC, one customer said, "We were shocked when we came face to face with a new T-shirt with a racially explicit graphic and text; this image relates directly to the practice of assaulting black people in America."

“Eeny meeny miny moe” has been around since the 1800's and is primarily used in kids games to select a person to go first or next. There is one particular variation of the rhyme that does use the n-word, and that is what is causing the problem in this case.

The actor who plays Neagan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, responded to the controversy with a tweet saying, "Holy crap people are stupid."

The shirt design has been removed and this statement issued, "The T-shirt in question is licensed merchandise for the US television series, “The Walking Dead,” and the quote and image are taken directly from the show. Any offence caused by its design was wholly unintentional, and Primark sincerely apologizes for this."

I can't say that I'm shocked that there is an uproar about the design but ultimately this is just another example of the hyper-sensitive world that we currently live in and people throwing around the word "racism" and "racist" when there is none.

Sooner or later, and maybe we are already there, that when an actual racist incident happens, society won't care or even recognize it for what it is because the term is so loosely used and thrown around that it will have lost its power.

I would also be willing to bet that a good number of people don't even know the n-word variation of the rhyme, but they do now after Googling it, so by complaining about this shirt they actually introduced this version to a whole new generation.

What do you think? Racist or not?

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