Warm summer weather is finally here and there's nothing better than going to Park Point and chilling on the beach on Lake Superior. See what it was like in the 90's. 

I stumbled upon a video from the Wamma Jamma Beach Bum Party from 1990 where the camera equipment was questionable and the clothing options were bright and short.

According their YouTube page, legend has it the annual party started when friends Perry and Mark discovered their spot on "the shore" when they hitchhiked across the bridge to Superior as high schoolers, ran into a hippy and asked him where's a good place to camp. The hippy obliged and told them to ride to the south shore. Perry and Mark told their friends and the Wamma Jamma Beach Bum Party was born.

My dad said partying on the beach was one of his favorite things to do growing up and even saw lightning hit Lake Superior once during one of his parties. He also says partying isn't what it used to be. Like any parent, they tend to reminisce....a lot.

Do you have any stories of what summer nights at the beach were like in the 90's?Remember, public alcohol consumption is not allowed in Minnesota state parks  and beach fires are now illegal too. You can check out a video of the Wamma Jamma Party below.

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