American Idol’ contestant Shannon Magrane may look like your average high school prom queen, but when the 16-year-old opens her mouth she has a voice that far transcends her teenage years. Singing ‘Go Light Your World’ by Kathy Troccoli, she remained strong and consistent from the first note until the very last.

Randy Jackson gave out what felt like his most genuine response of the night, starting with his staple “Yo, Yo” before complimenting Magrane on “coming out swinging.” He even compared her vocals to having a “Lauryn Hill like vibrato.” Jennifer Lopez claimed to get her first “goosie’s” of the night, saying Magrane sang with a passion that’s “not something you see every day.” Steven Tyler thanked her for “starting low and gospel and then taking it upstairs.” He ended by calling the performance “beautiful.”

While we agree with the judges praises, we’re waiting for the young Florida native to loosen up a bit and show us what she’s made of. She’s got the vocals squared away but her gospel song selection was safe at best and a bit more old-fashioned than we’d like to see. Post-performance Magrane admitted it was a risky choice but stood behind it as it was “in her gut and soul.”

Watch Shannon Magrane Perform ‘Lights the World’ on ‘American Idol’