A recent survey found that the average woman spends 2 months of her life shaving her legs. Wow, that is some serious work!

Ask any woman and they will tell you that during the Fall and Winter they tend to let go a bit on shaving the old legs, especially If you are single, or with someone who doesn't care if you have a little stubble. :)

Many ladies joke that it keeps your legs warmer on a cold winter night. I remember when I was younger and first started shaving my legs I used soap and water....bad idea. I would walk out of the shower looking like I got shot. And God help you if you knick right behind the knee or cut the tendon of your Achilles heel. Those two areas could make the toughest female want to fall flat down into the tub.

Another important lesson to learn is when it is time to throw away that disposable razor away, hence the bloody legs. As our 12 year old daughter starts approaching puberty we have begged her to hold off shaving her legs as long as possible, once you start it is on for the rest of your life. For other dreaded grooming rituals woman face click here.