The Minnesota House of Representatives have released a list of new laws that will take effect in Minnesota starting Tuesday August 1st .

Below is a highlight of some of the new laws:

  • Grocery and Retail Stores Price Labeling: Under this new law these stores will know longer have to have a price tag on each individual item, as long as the price is displayed somewhere conspicuously.
  • High School Students 18 or older can work restricted hours: Right now anyone in High School under the age if 18 needs a note from a parent or guardian to work past 11p on a school night, with the new law now any student 18+ can make a written request to the employer to work during restricted hours.
  • Strategic Plan to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS: The Health and Human Services Department will develop a comprehensive statewide plan.
  • More Quality Dental Care for Everyone: A new law will provide many Minnesota residents with access to dental care by hygienists and assistants who have not been first seen by a dentist in schools and long term care facilities.
  • Generic Drug Substitutions: This will help so many people be able to afford medications and with the new law this also will now apply to biological products.
  • Fines to increase for not stopping at a school bus when arm raised: The new law increases the minimum fine from $300 to $500 for failure to stop for a school bus that has its stop arm and flashing red lights going, and also for passing a school bus on the right hand side when the warning lights are activated.

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