Once again the East Coast has gotten pounded with snow this year, and with how populated many of these areas are it can be a total nightmare to get access to your car. Especially with one particular guy behind the wheel of a plow.

A plow driver who goes by the name of Dog seemed to get great pleasure in purposely burying cars and making more work for people out shoveling. Needless to say once this video came out he was fired, and has said he has no hard feelings and understands why he was let go.

Now let's flip this to plow drivers in Duluth, who do an awesome job. We have owned our house going on 7 years this summer and when winter rears it's ugly head, I am relieved to know they will be out in force.

When I lived in the Twin Cities my car would get buried on a regular basis, but I have seen first hand, in front of our house how they go out of their way to not block you in with a wall of snow. So Thank you to all the plow drivers for your long hours, and late nights, but mostly for not plowing me in! :)