I suppose it doesn’t take a genius to predict some of the stuff in Solo: A Star Wars Story. You know a movie is about the adventures of the young Han Solo, you can probably guess how things are going to go, like meeting Chewbacca or going on the Kessel Run. Still, the pop culture connoisseurs of Red Letter Media (famous for their lengthy, angry, incisive, and deeply disturbing longform video reviews of the Star Wars prequels) did an impressive job of nailing pretty much every single aspect of Solo, right down to some of the cameos. The video above is a highlight reel that compiles all their most on-the-nose predictions. (SPOILERS to follow for the film.)

That includes more specific stuff like the way Han meets Chewbacca (and even the shots that introduce Chewie), how Han gets his famous blaster, the role Woody Harrelson’s character plays, who exactly betrays Han in the movie, and even the cameo by Darth Maul, who everyone (or at least everyone who doesn’t pay attention to the Star Wars cartoon shows) thought was dead.

If you’re skeptical, here are the original videos, both posted in the summer of 2017. (And if you think they were just guessing based on the trailers, the first teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t appear until February 2018.)

Very impressive stuff over all. Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now. Do Episode IX next, guys!

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