I can't type the word I want to describe this guy that seems to have it out for this particular bus, so I will just stick with calling hima giant jerk! According to KARE11 this same bicyclist struck last week at the same spot where the bus was parked waiting for a child to board the bus and broke out the windows and a mirror right by where the driver would have been sitting. Thankfully the driver was outside of the bus at the time.

The bus is parked in a designated bike lane, but he has good reason, the bus is running and he is waiting for a child on his route. This man on the bike had plenty of room to go around the bus without even slowing down, but as you can see in the video below caught by one of the neighbors he grabs his bike lock and takes out one of the brake lights as he rides past.

This guy is a menace and posing a major danger for this driver and the kids on the bus. Hopefully they will have a police officer right by the bus to try and catch this guy the next time he rides by. He has a yellow bike so he could easily be seen and even had the nerve to do this with the driver standing right by the bus during this latest incident. Granted a vast majority of bike riders would never do something like this and it can be very dangerous riding a bike in a major metropolitan area like Minneapolis, but his actions are childish and completely irresponsible, he is posing a danger for others. Let's hope he is caught soon and faces a very severe penalty.

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