An event has been going around Facebook for people to sneak into Minnesota and steal the lakes because apparently Minnesotans are smug about their lakes.

While I'm sure this event is fake, I found it quite humorous. The event is set take place Friday October 6th, 2017. The recommendation is for people to sneak in with buckets or whatever they can find to take Minnesota lake water and bring it anywhere else. Another suggestion is to replace lake water with corn from Iowa. To which I would respond with "who wants to swim or fish in corn?"

The reason for this event is simply "because". I honestly never heard a Minnesotan be cocky because of all the lakes we have in the state, but apparently non-Minnesotans are salty.

There are currently over 7,000 people interested in this event and over a thousand listed as going. I almost guarantee a group of kids will actually try to do it. I do not recommend trying to steal lake water from Minnesota. There have been people in the discussion thread saying they will be waiting with their hockey army to defend their lakes. Lake intruders, you have been warned! You can get all the details on the event here.

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