The video above explores what it means to be single and the myths behind relationships.

Apparently 44% of the American population over the age of 18 are single. That's a big enough chunk of people that the folks at SoulPancake decided to interview a bunch of single people to see what they thought about the single life.

When asked what they would choose if they could wake up tomorrow either single or in a relationship, everyone said they'd rather be in a relationship. Not one person wanted to remain single. Just to be sure about their findings, they survived an additional 45 subjects outside of the show. What they found was that all 45 of those additional subjects also said they would rather be in a relationship than single.

They next asked the participants what they looked for in a partner. Many of them replied with similar answer, saying they wanted someone kind, caring, understanding, fun, etc. But when asked what they thought others were looking for, everyone was convinced that they just wanted superficial things like money, status, one night stands and just someone to show off in public. They were surprised to learn that mostly everyone wanted the same things they did and that other people weren't as superficial as they originally thought.

The folks at SoulPancake went even further and asked the participants if they knew anyone who they thought exemplified all of those qualities that had just listed. Many of them did, so they were asked to call these people and let them know how they feel. The results are in the video above so watch and see if they make it out of the single life!