Halloween lovers, I am about to make your day. Spirit Halloween is returning once again to the Duluth area and I can't wait.

Spirit Halloween first came to Duluth a few years ago. I remember going onto the Spirit Halloween website because I am obsessed with the store and trying to find the location closest to the Twin Ports. I definitely did not expect to find that they were opening one here!

It was a welcome surprise, especially in the midst of the pandemic. The original Spirit Halloween store went in the old Shopko location, which had been vacant for a bit at that point.

The following year, in 2021, Spirit Halloween returned but in a new location. This time, they opened up shop for spooky season in the Miller Hill Mall. I have been waiting to see if the store would return and where and it looks like we finally have an answer!

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I first got tipped off to the new Spirit Halloween location from a post I saw on Facebook. I decided I needed to confirm the news myself so I drove to the new location and sure enough, there was signage on the building confirming the news.

The new spot will be in the old Bed Bath & Beyond location right across from the Miller Hill Mall. Duluth's Bed Bath & Beyond location closed earlier this year. Customers were alerted in late 2021 that it would be closing for good.

I am glad that the space is being used for something fun! As of now, details are scarce. This makes sense since it is only July. Signage on the door said the store is opening soon, along with another sign that the store is hiring.

If history repeats itself, the store will open sometime in late August. That is when the two previous Duluth locations opened so it makes sense that this is when the new location will open as well.

As of now, there is not an exact opening date or much information on the website. The website says for fans to circle back to their website on July 25th for more information on when stores will be opening. I will stay on the beat and report back.

Speaking of Spirit Halloween, it was announced in early April that a movie about the store was in the works. It stars Minnesota native Rachel Leigh Cook. The movie is about a group of kids who go to a deserted Spirit Halloween store to spend the night as a dare and of course, the ghosts and goblins come alive.

It is not supposed to be too scary though. The film is being called a "family and kids adventure" film and has already wrapped. One report says it will drop in October, just in time for Halloween. The movie smells like a hit to me!

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