Irish Pride was  everywhere in my house growing up, and it was not saved for just March 17th. Both my parents were Irish and my siblings and my self were made  very aware of our heritage and family history, all of which  I am very proud of.

For many people St.Patrick's Day is all about partying, and to each his own, but here are some facts as to how this day came about:

1) St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland, and it is believed that he died on March 17th, and in Ireland was dubbed the Roman Catholic Feast Day of St. Patrick.

2) The first St. Patrick's Day Parade was held in the United States in 1762 with Irish Soldiers marching in New York City.

3) Every year on St.Patrick' s Day the city of Chicago pours green dye into the Chicago River to celebrate!

4) Today people of all backgrounds celebrate St. Patrick's Day all over the world, but believe it or not up until the 1970's Pubs in Ireland would be closed on St. Patrick's Day because it was considered a Religious Holiday. But, in 1995 the Irish government began using St.Patrick's day as a way to draw tourism to the country, so the pubs are now open for business.

So whatever your back round, celebrate your heritage every day, and If you are not lucky enough to be Irish yourself, :)  March 17th is a day where everyone can be Irish For A Day!