This winter has really tested a lot of hearty Minnesota residents with the Polar Vortex and more snow than we have seen in years. Go down any street or parking lot and you see piles of snow resembling a mini mountain. Well for many that snow was piled up by hand with some serious shoveling or a snowblower, but can you imagine being able to clear your driveway or sidewalk without even having to leave your house?

According to Bring Me The News Ryan Butler used a 3D Printer to build what he calls a "Snow Cat +Snow Blower which performance is comparable to a gas powered snow blower. It's powered with six 12-volt batteries and has over two hours runtime, and runs on remote control!  Butler made a video to show how it works and said he can sit on it as well and it will hold up to 300 pounds.

Butler has stated that the design for this will be available very soon, but it is up to the customer to use their own 3D Printer to create the parts and then put all the plastic pieces together.

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