There is a bridge in Duluth that has numerous stuffed animals and dolls nailed to it and it looks like something straight out of a horror movie.

The toys arrange from teddy bears to clown dolls to beanie babies and even some recognizable characters like Pikachu. They all hang along the Grassy Point Railroad Bridge located on the St. Louis River. Some of the stuffed animals look old and are decomposing, while others seem brand new. They can be found hanging from their ears and others their paws.

I am a huge horror movie buff as I have been watching horror movies ever since I can remember. For some reason I always get asked why the toys are on the bridge. I honestly never had an answer until I decided to some research.

I found a story from DNT a few years back as they were getting a lot of questions about it too. Apparently Grassy Point bridge operator Rick McDonald (who passed away a few years before the DNT article was written) would fasten them there. No one knew why he did it, but boaters followed suit and would also hang up the animals.

I was really hoping to find out a real reason why they are there. Is it for remembering lost kids? Maybe just pure entertainment for boaters? Maybe we may never know. But it definitely looks like something from a scary movie. The only way you can see these decaying toys is by boat, canoe, or kayak. Let me know if you have any information about why the toys are there by emailing me:

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