I remember when the kids were younger and we would head off to our secret beach just outside of Duluth we had so much stuff in the car the kids would be squished. It was like we were going on vacation for a week instead of the beach for a day.

I came across this list and I thought it was fantastic, not only does it make you pack smarter, but some of these hacks are pure genius.

  • Photo courtesy of Lover Baby Via Amazon.com

    Mesh Bag

    This is perfect for storing the toys, towels, water shoes etc. and then just shake out all the sand before you leave.

  • Photo courtesy of olesiabilkei Via Thinkstock

    Freeze Water Balloons for the Cooler

    How great is this? Freeze a few small water balloons and place them all around your cooler to keep things nice and cold.

  • Photo courtesy of travnikovstudio Via Thinkstock

    Apply Sunscreen Before You Leave

    Anyone with kids knows what it is like wrangling them as soon as they get out of the car, so you can apply sunscreen. This way they all ready have the first layer on and can hit the water.

  • Photo courtesy of Superkrit Via Amazon.com

    Aloe Vara Ice Cubes

    This hack is actually a 2 parts in that ideally you use a liquid Aloe and gel and pour them into an ice cube tray, freeze and good to go!

  • Photo courtesy of Huggies Via Amazon.com

    Keep Your Valuables in an Unused Diaper

    Thieves beware, nobody is going to touch a rolled up diaper no matter what. Wallet , jewelry, keys, all safe!