The Superior Entry Light (lighthouse) located at the end of Wisconsin Point, is being auctioned off by the Federal General Services Administration with a starting bid of $10,000. According to WDIO the only way to reach the lighthouse is by boat or to climb over a bunch of rocks to get to the breakwater leading up to the building.

The lighthouse is two stories with a basement and a light tower which was built back in 1913. Here is the description according to GSA Auctions "  An historic, rectangular-shaped concrete fog signal building topped with concrete cylindrical tower, 56 feet in height. The foundation encloses a basement, a two-story main building with living quarters and an integral light tower surmounted by a lantern. The superstructure is five stories in height with rectangular windows and painted white with black trim, while the main roof and lantern roof are red. The lantern is surrounded by a circular gallery. THE CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY IS NOT WARRANTED."

The breakwater will continue to be owned by the U.S. Corps of engineers and the buyer will have to reach a lease agreement with them before the purchase is finalized. The U.S. Coast Guard will also continue to have access to the lighthouse in order to maintain  and service the light.

For as much fun as it would seem to live in a lighthouse and you would definitely have some awesome views, given how difficult it is to get too I would highly doubt that someone would actually live on the property? Maybe they would buy it more for an investment, but who knows.


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