50 cent

Violence Allegations
50 Cent is celebrating Independence Day with the wrong kind of fireworks. The rapper is being charged with domestic violence against the mother of his second child.
50 Cent on Same-Sex Marriage: ‘I’m for It’
During his interview on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 radio show, 50 Cent threw his support behind President Obama’s stance of same-sex couples having the right to get legally married. The New York rapper felt that Obama took a long time to address the issue, but agreed wi…
50 Cent Hospitalized with Stomach Virus
Rapper 50 Cent is on the mend after he was hospitalized with a stomach virus. Fiddy checked into a hospital on Wednesday (May 16) for treatment but seemed to be in good spirits. After he admitted himself, the ‘Wait Until Tonight’ rapper tweeted a photo of himself flanked by stu…
50 Cent Makes a Hit in ‘Nah Nah Nah’ Video
50 Cent goes for the jugular in his latest video for ‘Nah Nah Nah.’ The clip is a little grisly than his other visuals from ‘The Big 10′ mixtape series, so this is not for the squeamish. The ‘Off & On’ rapper also displays his acting sk…
50 Cent to Feed America with SMS Audio Headphones
50 Cent is continuing his ongoing efforts to make sure that people are being fed all over the world. His Street King energy drink initiative is feeding impoverished families in Africa and now, with his latest venture, the altruistic rapper is feeding people in the United States.
13 Biggest Hip Hop Conspiracy Theories Photo Gallery
Hip Hop has been around for quite some time, and there have been MANY "Conspiracy Theories" to  the stories:
Did Dr. Dre somehow "cause" Eazy-E to contract AIDS and die?
Is 50 cent truly immortal?
Is 2pac still alive, and did he really steal Biggie Smalls wife?
7 Unforgettable Keenan Cahill Celebrity Moments [VIDEOS]
He went from the weird kid lip-synching all of the songs we love, to the most popular guy on Youtube, Keenan Cahill.
If you catch the attention of stars like 50 Cent, Jennifer Aniston and more I think that means you've made it.  Right?  That and MILLIONS of hits per video on Youtube.&n…
The 5 Craziest Things That Have Happened at the GRAMMYS
Isn't it great how we can always count on a crazy person to do something crazy at the Grammys? And then all the media breathlessly covers it like they have never heard the words "publicity stunt"? Anyway, here are five crazy things that happened at the Grammys over the years.