90's Music

Ian's Top Five Songs of the 90's [VIDEO]
Tomorrow I'm starting 90's at noon which will now be played every weekday! We'll jump in the time machine and take a look back at movies, fashion, and of course play all your favorite 90's hits mixed in with today's best mix. So I thought it'd be fun if I named off five…
Heavy D Dead at Age 44
Rapper Heavy D has been pronounced dead at the young age of 44. Heavy D, who had a reputation as one of the influential rappers of the ’90s, was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital today after a 911 phone call was made from his home (via TMZ). He died shortly after his arrival.
“Dog Doogity” Dog Poop PSA for ScoopPoop.org [VIDEO]
Yes, there is an organization against leaving your doggie droppings where they fall.  And apparently it's a problem in the Puget Sound, where they're promoting good poop-scooping habits to help keep the water clean!  Not only is a good message to spread, but this music video is a…