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Alec Baldwin Sets ABC Talk Show With Post-Oscar Preview
It’s official – Alec Baldwin will enter the pantheon of late-night talk shows as early as this Sunday. Following reports of the 30 Rock and SNL star transitioning his podcast into a new series, ABC confirms that Baldwin will headline Sundays With Alec Baldwin, even previewing the serie…
Alec Baldwin Might Get His Own ABC Talk Show
Alec Baldwin is practically an SNL cast member at this point, but the actor may soon have a more unexpected perch – his own talk show. Reports suggest Baldwin is negotiating with ABC for a new series based on his WNYC radio show, with production potentially starting next week.
Alec Baldwin Declined 'SNL' Trump Role At First
Once upon a time, Alec Baldwin taking on the role of SNL’s Donald Trump seemed like an amusing guest spot to take us through the debates. Now, the question remains how long Baldwin will play the beleaguered president, especially as the reigning host claims he never wanted the role in the firs…
Alec Baldwin Reveals SNL Trump Salary, Impression Secrets
Once upon a time, Alec Baldwin thought he might get to retire his SNL rendition of Donald Trump, as the world moved on with a Clinton presidency. Now, over a month past the election and three appearances since, Baldwin reveals not only a surprisingly small takehome for the role, but also the likelih…

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