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Bayfield Apple Festival Tips From A Lifelong Attendee
The City of Bayfield, WI holds their Annual Apple Festival the first weekend of every October, so for 2021 it's right around the corner.  It was cancelled for 2020 due to the pandemic, so for those of us that attend almost every year, we're craving some apple everything. ...
Cold Sparks Ice Caves Inquiries
After over a week of Arctic temperatures, there has been a surge of interest and inquiries from the public about whether or not the Apostle Islands Ice Caves are accessible yet.
Ice Caves This Year?
After a few years in a row where the Apostle Islands Ice Caves were accessible to thousands of visitors, people are wondering if the recent cold stretch will allow people to visit the feature again this year.
Best Midwestern Town?
In case you're feeling like you haven't voted for the "best" something lately, another publication is looking for you to cast your vote for the "greatest midwest town". Midwest Living is hosting a vote to find out what the best town in the Midwest is, and two Northland towns are up for the title.