How Common is Your Birthday?
Among the more frivolous questions you might find yourself asking is "do I share my birthday with a lot of other people?" New research of American birthdays over three decades reveals that answer.
Justin Bieber’s Birthday Celebration Photos Revealed
Justin Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday in several big ways. He was showered with gifts on Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show, receiving a car, hanging out with a superfan and chilling backstage with Sophia Grace and Rosie. His father even had his initials inked on his side!
Despite those very public presen…
Britney Spears Enjoys Belated 30th Birthday Celebration
Better late than never when it comes to celebrating the birthday of a pop princess! Britney Spears turned 30 on December 2, and this past Friday (Dec. 9), the singer partied down with some of her closest friends who enjoyed feasting on a five-layer cake, as well as a variety of fancy cupcakes, among…

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