black bear

Bear Hanging Out in Duluth
While Duluth is situated in the rugged northwoods of Northern Minnesota, seeing a larger wild animal other than a deer in town is still an attention-getting spectacle for most.
Wedding Surprise at Glensheen
Craig Chenal was on the grounds at Glensheen when he spotted a Black Bear walking around the grounds. He was able to keep his distance and get some video of the little guy in action.
Man Runs Into Black Bear While Walking and Texting [VIDEO]
I find this the best video so far of 2012, a 400 pound black bear decided to look for some food during trash day in La Crescenta, California, when the "eye in the sky" caught him cruising around the neighborhood.  What makes this video soooo good is the dude sending a text mes…
Black Bear Cub Invades Grocery Store [VIDEO]
This black bear cub is smarter than the average bear.  Shoppers in this Alaskan grocery store were shocked to find more than just fruits and veggies in the produce area of the store, a black bear cub wandered away from  mama bear and into the promise land.