Cher + Lady Gaga Team Up
OG diva Cher has said that 'The Greatest Thing,' her duet Lady Gaga, was being shelved since the Mother Monster wasn't into it. Well, a version of the song has leaked online for your listening pleasure.
Lady Gaga Doesn’t Like Her Collabo With Cher
It's a clash of the divas, sort of. Remember that collabo between Lady Gaga and Cher, where two generations of pop divas collided in what we thought would be an instant and epic classic?
It's a case of "Whatever happened to..." Cher gave up the goods about the track's…
Nicki Minaj + Cher Engage in Twitter Battle
Oh Twitter. You unite as much as you divide. The latest divas to engage in a war of the words confined to 140 characters are Nicki Minaj and Cher. To be fair, it wasn’t exactly Minaj and Cher directly exchanging words or verbal barbs. It was Minaj’s Barbs — her pet name for her fans — who started sp…
Lady Gaga and Cher to Record a Duet, ‘The Greatest Thing’
Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Cher’s musical career has been fairly low profile since she scored a massive late ’90s hit with ‘Believe,’ but her influence continues to be felt in the larger-than-life style of many younger artists — including Lady Gaga, who’s planning to acknowledge that debt with a due…