Man Zip Ties Wedding Ring On A Steelhead, Get’s Caught Miles Away
A Michigan fishing guide and his wife divorced a few years ago. After holding on to the ring for a while, he decided he needed to get rid of it. He zip tied it to a Steelhead and released it into Lake Michigan. That was on May 4th. Amazingly, just the next month on June 21st a group caught the fish near Chicago, finding the bizarre ring...
Chicago Office Building Gets Rained on With Poo Water From Broken Pipes [VIDEO]
The Polar Vortex has created havoc all over the country with plunging temperatures not seen in twenty years. Dead car batteries, heaters giving out, and broken pipes abound including a flow of sewage from a ceiling. Can you imagine, trudging to get to work with temperatures hovering around -20 degrees, you get settled in at your desk and all of a sudden brown water starts pouring from the ceiling.
Eat Up, It Is National Hot Dog Day [VIDEO]
Hot Dogs, the  All American Food! Either you love them or you hate them. I love them in small doses, but I can't think about what is in them. Growing up in Milwaukee where brats are king, hot dogs are definitely in second place. But, today we celebrate and give thanks.
Chicago School Bans Brown-Bag Lunch
School lunch. A rite of passage for kids all over the globe. lunch.  My stomach is rumbling just thinking about it!  How I miss the days of Italian Dunkers.  When I was growning up, complaining about the turkey cubes in gravy with mashed potatoes, or praising the rectangle shaped pizza was all part of the mid-day refueling for us all...