Christmas Gifts

Testing Our Wrapping Skills
We thought it would be fun to see how good or bad we each are at wrapping gifts, so we got some boxes and some dollar store wrapping paper and got busy!
Avoid Digital Holiday Gift Snooping
Over the last few years, the concept of online holiday shopping has exploded into the mainstream. Millions of online shoppers find hot deals on "Cyber Monday" and through the entire holiday shopping season, but how do you keep nosey kids or a significant other from discovering what…
Tony Hart’s Favorite Christmas Gifts of All Time
My mom is an avid scrapbooker, I have my entire childhood in two huge binders full of photos, and I spent some time over the long holiday weekend looking at them and reflecting on memories of Christmas and some of the memorable gifts I've gotten over the years.
Santa’s Helper is the UPS Man [VIDEO]
We all know that Santa has a ton pf presents to deliver to all the good girls and boy's all over the world and that is a big job, so he has enlisted the men and women in brown to help him out with UPS.

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