Butt Seriously, It's a Problem...
Driving into work today I saw three smokers throw cigarette butts out of their car window and I wondered why would they think it is OK to throw a burning piece of litter out of a moving vehicle? The number of smokers has decreased over the last several years due to increased health awareness and increased taxes, but I don't really notice a decline in the number of cigarette butts littering streets
Drunk Man Mistakes Cigarettes for Cell Phone [VIDEO]
Cell phones can do many things these days, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one that also satisfies your nicotine craving. Britain's Sun newspaper reports a drunk driver in Russia pulled over by police tried to make a call with a pack of cigarettes he thought was a cell phone. Cops pulled over the would-be Marlboro Man after noticing he was driving erratically. When they stopped his vehicle, the